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I am female from Florida. I am old enough to be mother or grandmother to most of the people on this site. Hopefully that will not stop any of you from sharing opinions with me. I believe everyone has room to learn from one another. I have ALWAYS had strong opinions, but generally have kept them to myself. Growing older, I realize that my voice and life experiences can help some if I but speak out. This is an excellent forum to begin doing just that.Personally, work history includes: working in a school district, for 6 years, the sports industry for 3 years, the financial industry for 10 years, and owning a non-profit business involved with children and their families since 1985. My experiences are varied. I am a widow with five birth sons and tend to semi adopt people. So my extended family is VERY large. Been married more than 1 time. Believe my education and lifestyle have provided a little common sense, a little wisdom and a great sense of humor. Yes I am backed up with College and a degree, but find that other than being important on resumes, common sense carries me a lot farther in my life journey.I do not expect people to always agree with me and am willing to listen to other points of view. Only ask that others treat me with the same respect."Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass....It's about learning to dance in the rain."

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