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Do you prefer artificial lawn grass or you prefer growing a natural lawn, no matter how difficult it is?

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Chloe Martin
Jul 05, 2016
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Artificial grass is fine.

Allahu Akbar
Jul 11, 2016
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Well at first it might seems like "oh no muh environment I have to use natural grass" honestly artificial grass is very important to many people in the world especially places like sports stadiums due to them having such a large area and usually not enough time to tend to such a large expanse of grass.

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I prefer a natural lawn, it's better for the environment.

Thomas Mortensen
Aug 28, 2016
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Rebuttal to: Allahu Akbar Show

Stadiums aren't exactly the lawns I think the topic is centering around.

Millions of people spraying chemicals that get dragged away to streams by rainfall is a real environmental risk, whereas stadiums are not. There was a similar issue a decade or two ago where common dish-washing and clothing detergents were contaminating water supplies and killing off species of insects/animals in the process. They since made their formulas biodegradable, but when a product is advertised to kill bugs/weeds, how do you ensure it's not damaging things outside your lawn?

If some companies can make an environment-friendly weed/bug killers, I'm OK with that. But if it kills bees, makes insects that birds eat poisonous, etc, then I can deal with crabgrass, dandelions and ticks.

Plus, plenty of people in California can probably attest to the liberty from not having a lawn because of the drought. Suddenly no one on your block can keep one alive, it's revealed to be a pretty time-consuming and not really important to have one.

Edit: Google Zoysiagrass, its a course, drought-resistant, invasive species that no weed can grow in. It can overtake any normal grasses you had previously and must be planted as "plugs" that eventually spread over your whole lawn (and eventually your neighbors' if you let it). You don't need to spray it, and it needs mowing less often. It's bread as a low-maintenance grass that doesn't need chemical protection.


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