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Dr dre beats, or bose?

Mar 08, 2012
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Mar 11, 2012
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I'd take Dr Dre-the L,A based Dre(there's more than one Dre) dee jay-producer-emcee and soundologist at his peak, N.W.A, Snoop, late 80s to late 90s' beat over just about everyone. Also ranking high back them, DeeJay Premier(Gangstarr), Shocklee's Bomb Squad(PE), Marly Marl, Diamond, Pete Rock are some other of the best producers druing hip hop's golden era

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Apr 01, 2012
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Rebuttal to: jonjax71 Show

Jon Jax, while Dr. Dre is a well regarded producer, the topic is referring to headphones.

Bose would be better than Dre's Beats headphones, almost anything would. Beats are overpriced and underquality. You can get $120 headphones (ATH-m50's, Shures, Sennheisers, Beryldynamics) that have a much higher quality sound for half the price of Beats (which is over $250).

When you buy Beats, you are paying for the name. It is a mistake that people think Beats are the best headphones because they are a popular celebrity brand. Ask any expert on electronics and headphones, they will tell you Beats is nowhere near the top 20 for its price line.


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