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Messi vs Ronaldo

Enzo Salazar
Feb 16, 2015
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Messi has natural talent and can get through more than half a team WITHOUT Rainbows,Maradonas etc.

James Mills
Mar 07, 2015
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As a Manchester United fan, most people expect you to pick Ronaldo in the Messi/Ronaldo debate. However, as a football fan, I would always choose Messi as the better player. Messi is the natural footballer of the two. Ronaldo's rise from "average player, who could do a couple of step overs" to "world superstar" has been a remarkable achievement. A truly inspirational story for any young footballer, showing that hard-work and perseverance will pay off. That being said, Messi is such a naturally talented footballer. It simply amazes me to watch him play. His eye for a catching pass and ability to simply waltz past players effortlessly makes him one of the greatest of all time. He very rarely uses skills, but his natural ability is something to marvel at.

Aydan Pirani
Feb 12, 2016
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All CR7 can do is stepover and shoot...

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Ronaldo has AHEM Stronger striking power, Better accuracy and won Ballon d'or 2014 He can get thro

Garry Fitzpatrick
Apr 02, 2015
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Ah now is there not enough nonsense football talk in every pub, stoop and social welfare office without having more on the internet


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