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Is abstinence-only education working

Dec 02, 2011
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Dec 13, 2011
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I think Texas was a pretty prime example of this the past year. They have a substantial "Abstinence Only" education, yet the highest teen pregnancy rate. However, the state is so Christian Conservative that if they dare consider teaching real and effective sexual education, they'd be implying that they condone sin. So again, blatant ignorance leads to poor decisions, and thus saddening results. I think the only argument against this would be to insist that teen pregnancy is ok or acceptable. Good luck trying to suggest that though.

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Absolutely not. Children who are uneducated about sex are going to experiment with it. They won't know about STDs or proper protection. They won't know that it leads to pregnancy. Frankly, they probably don't even know it's how babies are born. They are naive and thus overwhelmed by talk of sex in the real world. They may be influenced solely by what the media has to say about it, such as through shows like 16 and Pregnant on MTV. What they really need is quality sex education programs through their schools or health classes at their schools. If anything, they will be scared OUT of having sex until they are ready by being told of all its risks. Knowing what it is and its possible complications does not mean you're more likely to do it. If drugs are also immoral then why are we educating students about not using those? If they DON'T know what they are, they're more likely to use them. ;) Education, people. C'mon. It's the way to go. Educated people make more educated decisions. A proper sex education leads to protected sex. Abstinence only education leads to kids experimenting with sex who have no idea what it is or rely on the media to find out.


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