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forced athletes to represent their countries in competition whether or not

Sep 01, 2011
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Sep 02, 2011
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it should be.
why else would athletes represent any other country besides their own?
and if they win it for another country, it actually isn't that other country's.

Sep 03, 2011
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Athletes should represent the country that they are loyal to. There would be no point in competition between different countries if the competitors themselves weren't actually representing them. It would be like be like having a pokemon duel, but not knowing who's pokemon were on who's side.

A more accurate question to be asked would be the definition of an athlete being loyal enough to represent their country.

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Sep 04, 2011
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The problem with this proposal is how do you define "their country". As far as representing the country that defines an athlete the two most logical choices would be: their current country of citizenship, or the country to which they were born. The further question about this topic is what would be the point of restricting an athletes participation to these countries?

The only legitimate reason that I can see in restricting an athletes participation with another countries athletic organization would be to prevent athletes from using their talents for some sort of monetary gain during Olyimpic events. For example, if any country offered a Quid Pro Quo arrangement to an athlete to participate in its national Olympics team when the athlete as no other reason (national loyalty) to join, then yes the idea of restricting the athletes participation to their country of origin would make sense.

After that example I can't really see what the advantage of such a rule would be. I mean a lot of athletes represent the country of origin for their team (tour de france), or otherwise the competition itself isn't very beholden to pit country against country on the backs of the athletes participating.

In the end the only reason I can think to enforce such a rule would be to stop countries from "buying" recognition in events that pit the best of their athletic talents against other talented individuals representing other countries around the world in an Olympic sponsored event.


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