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does evil exist?

Aug 05, 2011
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evil exists

Aug 08, 2011
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yes the evil exist.. untill and unless there is evil there is good... the one who support good should know that its because of evil that they are fighting for good.... scientifically saying for each matter particle there is an anti matter one ... same is the logic here......

Aug 09, 2011
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Rebuttal to: carnifax Show

While I would agree that prolonged anti-social behavior on a massive scale would cause measurable negative impacts on humanity as a whole, I still do not see how this can be said to be evil on an objective level. For something to be objective it must be applicable universally, not just to humanity. Allow me to present a hypothetical scenario: humanity is at war with another species, and we are currently attempting to completely annihilate them. While the damage I have previously mentioned could be seen as detrimental to our own species, it would be beneficial to the opposing species, as it would likely interfere with our attempts to destroy them. This demonstrates that antisocial behavior cannot be considered truly evil in an objective sense, as there always exists the possibility of it aiding someone or something.

Furthermore, antisocial behavior often is assisting a particular individual: the one expressing this behavior. While our species is by nature a societal one, we are not a collective; each individual human is entirely capable of living to service their species as a whole, only themselves, or anything in between. To summarize, the human race is a societal species of individuals, and as individuals we can each live our lives as we see fit. And even if an individual takes actions that are detrimental to the species, they are likely beneficial to themselves in some way, thereby displaying that the negative impacts of their actions are not truly universally evil. This links back to my previous point that antisocial behavior can be shown to aid someone or something, which only further demonstrates that it can only be considered a negative action when only considering a particular set of impacts, as opposed to considering all of the impacts of the action.

Taking all of this to its logical conclusion, it becomes evident that any action cannot be considered truly evil so long as it benefits something. This means that the only actions that can be considered truly evil must be evil in a truly objective sense, which means that they must benefit absolutely nothing in any way. Now, I would think it somewhat obvious that any actions taken by humans are done so with the intentions of benefiting something, but I am willing to elaborate on this if you wish for details (I am avoiding those details in this post due to them potentially doubling this already lengthy post's size). Operating under this logic, no actions can be considered objectively evil due to them always benefiting someone in some way. Because of this, I would argue that objective evil cannot truly be said to exist due to a lack of any actions that can be categorized as objectively evil; instead, all things claimed to evil are only evil in a subjective sense, meaning they differ from person to person. This presents what I find to be a somewhat amusing reality: while noting can be said to be truly evil, absolutely everything can be said to be evil for any given person. Thus, evil can be said to exist, but not in an objective sense.

Sep 22, 2011
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good day,for me as albert einstein said that ''evil exists when a man does not have gods love in its heart''
so evil does exist in people that does not have gods love or in meaning ,they dont love or have faith in god.

Joseph Pozon
Apr 28, 2012
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One can argue that neither Good or Evil exist it only exist in one own perception. Usually before label something as Good or evil we have to look at factors such as Motive, Reasons as to why, Persons past, Mans enviorment and other factors.

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evil does not exist

Aug 09, 2011
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Rebuttal to: jaat Show

Nope. Human psychology does not operate on the same binary as particle physics. Just because you can imagine one thing, and then its opposite, the latter does not necessarily exist.

Besides, labelling things we don't like as 'evil' means we don't have to understand the context. Don't worry about Hitler, he wasn't human, he was evil; just some demon hellspawn bent on destruction. No point thinking about what he did or why any further than that.

Aug 11, 2011
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Rebuttal to: claudiu Show

So you're saying you live your life without regard to what you think is right and wrong?

Aug 20, 2011
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Rebuttal to: skiingfool435 Show

Sure there are obvious examples of good vs evil in this world.

A guy who gives up his seat for a pregnant lady or holds the door open for a person struggling with a lot of bags are clear examples of people doing good.

A person who doesn't regard the well being of others just to obtain his/her own selfish goals is a sign of obvious evil. Think scammers for example.

Having said that. There are also times when debate can come into play regarding the concept of good vs evil.
You will need to take culture and faith into consideration for this.

^ For example, in India it is a big taboo to eat beef in many regions. The Cow is a sacred animal to many people in the Indian Sub-continent. If you eat beef, many will view you as un-pure and perhaps even evil in the heart. While in many Westernized countries, eating beef is accepted.


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