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The Profound Question: Are We Alone?

Jul 31, 2011
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Aliens do exist, and they are out there.

Jul 31, 2011
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The universe is theoretically infinitessimal, containing uncountable amounts of systems and planets. It is highly unlikely that our tiny planet is the only one capable of sustaining life. Extraterrestrial life indumitably exists on other planets; of these life forms, some are bound to be intelligent.

Aug 04, 2011
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First of all we have proofs that there is life in mars there were found a few bacteries there.
Then we don't know how big is the universe.
Well many scietist say that is almost impossible to have life in other planets because there no climatheric condictions but in the beginning we humans thought that was impossible to breathe under water but now we know that fishes to that, we tought that was impossible that the man was a simian but now we have proofs that we were
so scietists proof that animals ( using this therm very loosely) can live in diferent condictions maybe there in some other planer an animal who can live at 400ยบ degrees ( celsius)
my point is we cannot be shore

Aug 09, 2011
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We look to planet's and moons within our own solar system and we find strong evidence for life on other planets. For example, methane has been found on Mars along with certain bacteria. However, the methane on Mars is nowhere near the amounts of methane on one of Saturn's moons called Titan. As well as having methane in it's conventional gas form, it also has it in it's liquid and solid form. The question is, what made this methane. Methane is of course made by bacteria called archaea. Either this, or methane is being created by unknown geological systems. There is also another moon called Europa which has been found, Europa is one of Jupiter's moons and has an icy surface. The ice on the surface has been manipulated in the same way that ice over the Arctic seas have been, suggesting that there is a huge ocean underneath the surface, opening up the possibilities for all kinds of water-living bacteria and even fish-like creatures. Even within out own solar system we have found living life forms. but chances are, even if we were to prove the existence of other definite life, the chances of them being a high enough life form to communicate with would be very slim, and others could simply be too far away to travel to. So, as argued here already, we may be fundamentally alone. But the prospects of life is amazingly high.

Dec 01, 2011
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considering this large expanding universe we are a part of , it can seem impossible that we are alone. if we are alone in this ever expanding universe, than why were we created? why do we exist? only to find ourselves doomed to live alone in this world? i think not. we are nt olone wether the "aliens " are friendly are not. either way we would still be able to make freinds if we come in contact.

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They don't, but maybe we need to keep searching?

Aug 05, 2011
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Would the existence of aliens make us fundamentally any less alone?


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