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Should Britain remain united?

Jan 31, 2010
7 votes
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Yes, the United Kingdom encourages a bond between the British people and will help us achieve greate

Jan 31, 2010
3 convinced
Well, this is a thorny issue, because matters of national identity can cause a lot of controversy these days, especially if you're English. Historically, the United Kingdom has done more as a collective whole than it could ever have achieved as separate entities (the BRITISH Empire spanned over a quarter of the earth once, something that I cannot see the English, Scots or Welsh doing on their own). It is also true that unity was sometimes enforced at gunpoint, and not without bloodshed.

That said, the combined accomplishments of the nations of the British Isles have been remarkable, and to separate would be potentially disasterous. What needs to be promoted is a greater sense of collective pride in Britain's achievements, instead of individual misery at perceived shortcomings of each part.

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No, all the countries of Britain should be independent!

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