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Does the Bible Teach Pastoral Authority?

Jul 22, 2009
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Jul 23, 2009
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Actually, the 'Call to Duty' for a pastor, so to speak, is found in II Timothy. While I don't know much abuot the topic, i do believe it authorizes the pastor to take the steps in teaching, guiding and leading a congregation toward the Lord. As for the extra steps that a pastor takes (such as visiting the ill in hospitals) depends on the pastor, doctrines and values of the denomination etcetera. The Bible does say to 'care for the Least of these', so you'd think a pastor in the church would set that example. lol

And of course, a pastor is not exactly the largest authority of anybody in the Bible, though s/he should be very knowledgeable of it. If you ever find a sermon to be uncanon or contradictory to a part of the Bible you've read, then it might be wise to start looking more closely to the pastor's sermons for errancy...

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