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What's the most crucial thing that needs to be done to minimize the number of blacks being killed?

Shooting Deaths of Blacks on the rise
Dec 28, 2008
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More black men need to father their children

Jan 07, 2009
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Rebuttal to: watchman81 Show

A very good argument my friend, but I have to mention one thing and that is this misconception that poverty equals crime. I am from England but was bought up in social housing, without money apart from what I had to earn myself by doing jobs for pocket money from the age of about ten or eleven. My father was mostly absent mostly due to his job and my parents split a couple of times but I DID NOT COMMIT CRIME. If I stepped out of line then there would be hell to pay from either of my parents.Unfortunately a lot of Bad kids come from Bad parents, and it is they that need to be clamped down on by the state, hard. ( and this goes for white parents also).

Everything else you have written, I concur with my friend.

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More blacks need to start going to, and finishing school

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