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The Master and Commander series by Patrick O'Brian Vs The Harry Flashman series by George MacDonald Fraser?

Sep 02, 2008
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Master and Commander

Sep 02, 2008
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I am such a massive fan of both series that I couldn't possibly vote either way. However I do perhaps feel that Flashman was wonderful when I was younger and Master and Commander is something I enjoy more now.

So if I was going to be honest with myself now I would probably vote for Master and Commander, although the younger inner me would vehemently disagree I'm sure.

For those not familiar with both or one of the series the similarities between them are many, but effectively they both weave fictional characters into historical events. They are a great way to pick up a quick history lesson (although it is worth doing your own research to spot the inaccuracies, a pet peave of mine) whilst being thoroughly entertained.

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Harry Flashman

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