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Who would win Green Lantern Batman

Calvin Graus
May 03, 2016
2 votes
2 debaters

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Green Lantern

Dawn Jay
May 12, 2016
0 convinced
The green lantern because batman is not a real superhero and has no super powers.

Calvin Graus
May 13, 2016
0 convinced
Dawn jay is right green lantern would win but bat man is a superhero just one with out powers

Green lantern would win because he has a army a planet full yes he can't imagine some c4 and strap it on him and kill him because of the oath but he can just as easily imprison him

The colour yellow but that is not such a big weakness because even if bat man some how in a short period of time spray painted his stuff yellow that would not be enough because he can just launch any thing not yellow or after the city is evacuated destroy Gotham

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