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Is this "survey" one-sided and possible going to be used to portray a skewed view of people's political opinions?

Romney Vs Obama
Romney vs Obama...
May 14, 2012
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May 14, 2012
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The questions seem purposefully designed to guide the participant to answer the questions in a divisive way. You either have to blame Obama, Bush or say both are innocent. If you take all of that data, and hide the way in which the question was asked, you can present it as data which "proves" people either "STRONGLY" support the other candidate, or place some other spin on the data. Now, obviously it is up to people to catch this for themselves, but is everyone smart enough to do so? Is enough of the population, being used to guidance through subtle means, going to see through this kind of sh*t? I wanted to find out who owned this website and was responsible for this surveys posting. Doing so might allow me to predict if this would be used by more mainstream media to misrepresent the data for their end.

Check out the following:

At least one of the members (Richard Mellon Scaife) has been accused of purposefully attacking politicians through the use of spun propaganda. Again, the questions may not seem all that clever, but it's not about the questions, but what you can say the answers represent after hiding the context in which they were given. The context appears, to me at least, to be leading and an attempt to get the individual to compromise and choose the "best answer" despite possibly not having an option they actually support.

Check out the demographics for NewMax.com via Alexa: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/newsmax.com# This website is ranked 345th. That rank is no small deal. See the following: http://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries;19/US Please note that Comedy Central, a major webpage with a strong following, is ranked at 487. NatGeo (obviously with a strong following) IS ONLY RANKED 499, beating out Nick Jr (for the late tots I guess) by only one point. This all means, essentially, that this webpage is not an obscure, backroads webpage, but is receiving significant traffic. These demographics prove that they have people listening, and most likely, taking them seriously. But at the same time, this data is being presented to them in a skewed manner, which they use to inform themselves on future issues. Issues which include what they fill out in surveys on the web, which is now guiding their political opinion through the same screwy polls.

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