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Sexual relationship before marriage is good for both partner

Anurag Verma
Jun 07, 2016
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Thomas Mortensen
Aug 28, 2016
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Rebuttal to: Tebogo Moganedi Show

Agreed, but I'm pretty sure you've posted in the wrong camp.

TL;DR: Sex is perfectly fine.

IMO sex isn't taught early enough to youth. If people were taught universally about healthy relationships, knowing what emotional abuse is, and in general being open about sex, the world would be a lot better off. I don't mean to sound biased but it's been proven religion can be a big damper on sex and relationships.

I mean, the debate is centered around "is sex ok before marriage?", which is entirely a religious concept. It's only in recent centuries that sex has become divorced from procreation and religious ideals surrounding that connection, and anti-promiscuity, become defunct. (Anyone read 'The Scarlet Letter'? They still police adultery in a lot of places)

Statistics fans:
IDK if links are allowed here, so I'll just suggest readers to google: "divorce teen pregnancy std rates religious secular". Buncha good keywords that lead to the studies I'm referencing.
I'll test the one for divorce: http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_dira.htm

The more Christian a country is:
-the higher the poverty rates will be, due to illegalized abortions, contraceptives, etc (having a kid before you're 20, and/or possibly single isn't that easy)
-the higher teen pregnancy rates will be, since often times the only sex ed you'll get is abstinence only (and horny teens will still f**k, but without condoms or birth control)
-by extension, higher rates of STDs
-no sex before marriage & the idea of being with one person your whole life is just asking for affairs, stress, and conflicts
-the higher the divorce rates are, by extension

Secular/atheist countries:
-tend not to judge about sex before marriage, leads to people "shopping around before settling down"
-encourage safe sex, less teen pregnancy, less STDs
-don't tend to put a societal pressure if people are straight or monogamous, generally less judgemental
-on average, more sexually experienced than religious regions

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Tebogo Moganedi
Jul 03, 2016
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yes it is good indeed coz sex is a nature that should took place during relationship..so i regard sex as a spark or something that attrack both partners to keep the ralationship going...without sex i dont think the relationship can have a way forward


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