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Do you believe in jesus /Christianity and why

Ginuwine Tha Juiceman
Mar 11, 2016
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Andy Waddell
Mar 20, 2016
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Look there's really waaay too many reasons to put down here. And many require lots of thinking so I'll try to keep this simple. I am Christian because I see God every day. But I became Christian because I wanted to know what the whole fuss on Christianity was about, I looked into it, and I realised, over a long period of careful thought, that what Jesus said was right. My life has been changed for the better. I love my life so much now that I have been saved. But I don’t look at things lightly, I don’t believe in silly stuff. Just take a look at what I have to say, and hopefully you can criticise what I will say. Here we go.

Before I start I would just like to say that you don't have to be super 'spiritual' to be a Christian. So yes there are lots of "teachings" that you can learn from Christianity and that's great. And I respect that Christian Cost has taken appreciation of what is going on in that chunky little book called the bible. However what distinguishes me and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from everyone else who just observes, is that we believe the unusual assertion that Jesus is the Son of God. We are no different species of human, nor a certain stereotype.

First I would like to comment on Christian Cost's interpretation of Christianity. From the outside, we look like a big bunch of lunatics, and many of us are a funny bunch - which is a good thing because we attract those in society who aren't accepted by others. And from a Christian's point of view, we just can't let them run the show because people will always try to adapt Christianity towards their own purpose. People have always done that. In fact, there are many ways to merge a very influential topic to fit people's own agendas.
Well one of the ways to do this is to use Christianity to try to convince everyone of your world view. I don't want to criticise anyone's interpretation of the bible and say that they are wrong. But what I, and most of the Christians I know, most of the Christians in the rest of Australia (I hope) believe in, is the Christian message. Let us not assume that the Christian message is to follow everything the bible says and believe literally everything it says. The bible uses what is called literature and it was written a long, long time ago. We need to understand it in its context. It was written in a time where science wasn't very well developed. False science will always creep its way into a source that was written in a time when people believed in it. So no, we have proof that the world wasn't formed 7 thousand years ago. To be Christian certainly does not mean to believe this. In my, and some of my friends’ opinion, Christians can get confused and get caught up in how to read the bible rather than how to interpret the message at its core. We must first understand what Christianity is before we can argue about it.

I believe in Christianity because at its core is something very special and unique. Love. You know, Jesus made a lot of very interesting claims. And he would be just another interesting individual in the history of eccentrics if it wasn't for his point of difference. Jesus was the first person ever to claim to be the son of God that was actually consistent in every way. There is no doubt there have been a lot of people who have claimed to be some sort of God. But Jesus is an extra special case.

What's most important to Jesus being consistent is that he is the only individual who claims these bizarre things and doesn't try to attract any attention to himself. Yes his message involved not being distracted by wealth - especially wealth in looks. And he could have just been trying to keep to his word but any other person ever in history ever, has got caught up in their own pride because of one simple reason - they're just human, they’re not perfect. All other claims of being God have been of people trying to gain power. Jesus doesn’t fall into this category.
For a successful king, the individual must look somewhat attractive. The bible says that Jesus was no sight to see, he looked very average just like everyone else, even despite what English art has depicted him as. So if Jesus was to have power, he could not use the sexy trick. He really has little left up his sleeve.
The other thing that could have given someone the opportunity to assume power at the time would have been to be born into a rich family. He then may be able to pay his way to the top. Well one thing for sure is that Jesus certainly wasn’t given this privilege. In fact he was born in a stable! The most humbling place for a ‘King’. There weren’t any rooms in the Inn for his mother to stay.
So, maybe he was able to work his way to the top. Maybe he could have governed many smaller groups of people before he assumed total power (which was still very unlikely with the best of wealth because Roman leaders would have shot you down). Well, what we do know is that for most of his life he just spent extra time at church and had the simple job of a carpenter. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Jesus didn’t pay his way into power at all.
So then how did Jesus make it to the top? “The King of the Jews.” How did he gain so much attention for two millenniums (so far)? Well, first of all, did he even make it to the top? Jesus attracted many crowds. He did many wonderful things and he taught many lessons. But Jesus, at his finest, at his most high, was hung on a cross. This is the lowliest of low. An unspeakable form of death with the lowest of criminals beside him. He was scorned and ridiculed by the Jewish teachers and leaders. Why do we call him a king then? Did Jesus even assume any power at the time?
You see, Jesus was a different kind of king. He wasn’t the kind of king that had strength in a military, and would destroy all enemies far and wide. Jesus was more ultimate than that. He was the king of all nations. He didn’t fight enemies, he fought evil – a much more important fight. And the people at the time didn’t understand this. They just wanted someone to keep them safe. But Jesus promised a far further-reaching safety. It is the same today. People still debate over whether he is the king. And they should because you never take something like that lightly. You either slam them down or you realise that you agree with them. Jesus doesn’t look like he was a big leader at the time. But thousands of my fellow Christians don’t just believe in a crazy hippie guy who claims he will save us all from death, if he wasn’t actually a king.

So what is so special about this guy?

Jesus claimed things that no one had ever claimed before. Most main religions have some sort of idea of "loving" others by enjoying other's company, and helping those who are close. They feel justified in this, and they are, because things work out great when people help who they like. And help who is in the close circle of family or friends. Christianity is the only religion in the world that has the commandment of "love your enemies". No other religion anywhere, even the Koran steps into this territory. Jesus helped the sick and performed miracles for the poor. This is the Christian message. Love everyone. Jesus even went as far as to say that we shouldn't just follow religious laws. No rules. Because humans, when they have rules, miss the point of Christianity. They forget to love. Even though the church (which is not God but those who are trying to follow God), gets this wrong and creates rules. The thing that worries me the most is that people outside of Christianity think that Christianity is about following rules, and living a certain way of life as directed by the bible. Wrong. Look at Jesus' reply. (Mathew 22 NIV)
"[34]Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. [35]One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question: [36]“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
[37]Jesus replied: “?‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ [38]This is the first and greatest commandment. [39]And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself."
Jesus "fulfils the law and the prophets" which pretty much means he has done away with the need to follow the Old Testament. We no longer need to aimlessly follow an old book. If we live a Christ like life of love and service, then we are right with God There is no need to try to replicate the times of the Old Testament. Jesus’ commandment of “Love your enemies” is unique. I believe in this commandment. I believe love and giving is the way humans should live their life. I am sure that most will agree with me on this. But it is the minority called Christians that will actually devote their life to it.

Now, most at this stage of learning, will accept what they have been given. They will think that this is all. Or they will choose not to read in any further in case they have to put any effort into being a ‘Christian’. But Jesus has more to say and do. Jesus told us that those who believe that he is the son of God, will get eternal life. Wow. That is a big statement. Why on earth would so many of us Christians believe in such absurdity?

When people look at this statement, they stop the exploration of Christianity. “It has to be a fake,” they must say. I think, that some will leave the whole Christian thing, some will sit and ponder the absurdity of the statement, like myself, and others will just accept it as the truth without thinking about it. This is usually because of their parents’ influence. And I think that the best way to attribute a reason to people blindly soaking stuff like this up, is because, it is exactly what they want in a God. At the time of Jesus, there were many religions. It was the thing at the time to follow a God because you would be safe and win many battles. Times are a little different now, but some people still want to be controlled by a higher strength than them. It is true that Christianity gives hope to those who cannot find it in this world. It gives everyone someone to trust, and to take care of their problems. And that, is very appealing.

It is easy to think that people are Christians because they want to be. But I’m sorry, the Christian story is not very easy at all. The Christian journey has always received persecution. People become Christians because they know they must believe in the truth, no matter how hard it is to follow. The difference between the early atheists and early Christians is that the early atheists strongly opposed to believe in the truth, because it was easier to follow false Gods. Nowadays, there are loads of Agnostics because the Atheists did a good job at ridiculing the poor, unpopular bunch called Christians.

People have to be believing in this nonsense for a reason other than that it may look appealing from the outside. Surely. Otherwise, what is with this planet, are we all mad?!
Well there is more to the Christian story. And it’s not that hard to understand either. I believe in Christ, and I know that I am not believing blindly. I have always been very harsh on finding the truth. I will only believe in something I am absolutely sure of. Critical thinking must always be used to evaluate different ways to view the world. I have always criticised my views and all views, my religion and all religions; and I have chosen to be a Christian. If there is ever something that you don’t understand; when you don’t know why so many people have fallen into the arms of nonsense, you have to look into it. Because it may not be nonsense after all. In fact the statement above, that Jesus is God, is not all there is to the story. Let us not forget the whole set of books about that statement, called the bible.

So as far as I know about this world, we haven’t gone mad. We are not a bunch of lunatics. There seems to be some sort of sense about it all. But we still need to work out why so many people believe the statement that those who believe that Jesus is the son of God, will get eternal life. The fact that it is comforting as hope is simply not enough. Millions of people don’t submit themselves to believe in a claim of non-sense, and change their lives completely just for confidence or hope. I am not satisfied with that assertion because the Christian journey is not a soft cushion of faith. The journey is tough. Many will turn against you. Most people will think you are weird, you a different, you are stupid. You will be uncool. You will be persecuted. And many of the great Christians held their faith even with the threat of death. In fact, Jesus himself was in exactly this situation.
We must get an explanation for why people are willing to do this. For what purpose?

So far we know that Jesus is an extra special case; we know that Jesus preaches love; but the reason why he is so famous, and so legitimate, is because of the giant event at his departure. Of course, for something to mean a lot, it has to end in a bang. All other Jesus wannabes have made lots of claims but when they have died, the claims have deteriorated. They were not able to keep up to their word, and they are not remembered. Because they were not legitimate. But when Jesus died, his word didn’t fall to pieces. His death wasn’t a massive backfire in his plan, it was the crux of his existence! Jesus did exactly what the prophecies had said, and exactly what he had said. Jesus was finally proven right. Jesus did the ultimate miracle of miracles. He rose from the dead.

The legitimacy of Jesus’ resurrection is an interesting question. And I don’t want to go too far into this one because there really is so much evidence out there that you can go and have a look for yourselves. But like one of my friends said, ‘not believing that Jesus rose from the dead is like not believing that the Roman Empire existed.’ Witnesses underwent torture to prove that they had seen him. There was so much written about him at the time. And the consensus among most historians, that is only excluding a few, is that as a whole, the sources of his resurrection are reliable. They are not a massive hoax. None of this is a massive hoax.
Now we could be like Truman and be living in a giant dome, but as far as I am concerned, going with the best possible explanations of this world is the only way to know things. You can never actually tell whether you know what you know to be correct. But for it not to be correct something fundamental has to give way – everything you know needs to be false, like on The Truman Show. I know that Jesus lived, and rose from the dead as well as you know that you have a brain, lungs and a stomach. The reason why so many historians agree with Jesus’ existence is that so many sources from everywhere agree with it. If it was a hoax, then the whole world had to have been convinced to fake it – and with what motives? As far as we are ever concerned, and as long as the whole world doesn’t cave in upon us, Jesus did live, and he did rise from the dead.

And even if he didn’t, he either performed a world class stunt or managed to somehow transform every sane person around him into insanity. There is no evidence that even Pilot himself, the Roman leader at the time, denied Jesus. We know that from the confrontation Pilot had with Jesus. Jesus has to be legitimate because it makes too much sense in the sight of the history of humanity to just write him off.

If someone has the biggest impact in the world and is consistent, they cannot be regarded as another individual in the history of individuals. There really is no way that Jesus was some insanely successful magician, and then also claim to be the son of God, and at the same time love his enemies, helping the poor and the weak. No, that scenario doesn’t add up. Jesus is legitimate, he did die on the cross and he did rise from the dead.

In my exploration of Christianity, I followed this pattern of thought. I concluded that, whatever Jesus must have to offer must be something that I have to pay attention to. That is why I believe the rest of the story. And that all adds up too. So I continue to believe in Christianity. Jesus’ teachings are so consistent that even atheists agree with them. They will say that they agree with ‘most’ of what he says. But because I know he is legitimate, I know that we cannot only pull out the bits we like. We must follow the whole journey. Because what I have learnt along the way, alongside those who have joined me, is that what we were originally stubborn to see the first time we look at it, actually turned out to be good after all. The teachings that are easy or difficult to put into practice in our own lives always turn out for the best. That is why Christians become more devoted to Christianity the older they get. It is because they see more every day how Jesus was and is correct. We should love others. We should love God with all our heart. We should trust in him with all our heart. We should love our neighbours as ourselves. We should pray to God. We should be kind and not murder. We should tell others that Jesus is our Lord.
This is why I am Christian.

Like it or not. Come and follow me if you can. Please look into the whole Christianity thing, and other religions, because it is important to seek out the truth. And please, don’t ignore the truth if an alternative route looks easier.

Adam Gutierrez
Mar 25, 2016
1 convinced
I believe in Jesus Christ & I am a Christan. My name is Adam Gutierrez & I am 18. Through out my whole life as a kid to now I think I always believed in God but never really got to know him nor tried to understand what he wants for Earth. Now I understand more then I did & my wisdom & knowledge & faith will grow to be greater because I ask him & that's why I'm able to explain what I'm about to tell you. So as for your question it's not so simple to sum it up in a small paragraph I have to break it down because I truly believe in God & from my understanding I truly believe that you show believe as well if you don't. The world is caught up in the world & what the world has to offer. What god teaches is that not to be caught up in it but instead forsake all of what the world has to offer because what he has is greater. All he ask is for you to follow his words , scriptures, his teaching , his disciples , his Commandments , Jesus Christ, the holy spirit all of it cause that's what is after your lifetime. What you do in your life will determine where you will be cause their is life after death. Their is a heaven & hell he tells & warns you . no matter what you believe or what your idea on your life may be nobody can tell me that it ain't real. Nobody can tell me God or the devil ain't real. I will not be confused by no man or any man made thing. I seen hell you know & what I mean is murder , kids being killed before they birthdays, violence any form shape or in any way, sexually abuse, jail, diseases, wars, racism, genocide & true evil before your eyes if you study hard enough. I seen it that's hell. That's shown me that this isn't a war between nations. Nations are at war with each other but it's deeper then that. It's a war between good & evil. Put the world in front of you pull out the world map & try to understand what is happening from our lands to our sky's to our oceans. It's being destroyed and poisoned. Are you against it or with it? God warns us of this it's foretold how this world will end & what's its going to be after it ends for the wicked. God not only does he warns us he gave us an escape threw Jesus Christ that we will be saved threw him. How he will come back for his people, it's been written. So it's very important that you pray & repent for your sins. Sin is deadly & I'm a sinner so everyday I must repent & confess my sins. You are never to busy to talk to god personality. I see the world coming to an end sooner than you think. I see the devil working overtime in our nation & in other nations. I'm not blind to the fact that devil is changing the world as I'm writing this nor am I saying its all of the devils work it's us humans who's doing it to the world we allowed evil within us knowing or unknowingly. If it was truly all the devils doing then why would god sent us to hell? You know what I mean we are responsible for we do & we will be judged by God. Their is no escaping judgment. Only those who accept Jesus Christ will be saved from judgement but it's not as simple as that you really have to commit to God follow his ways & Commandments start doing his works & what he has planned for you, keep your faith & endured to the end & pray repent & pray that you might be worthy. Pray for Mercy. Before it's too late cause once God's wrath is poured out their is no way out nor no where to go. So I encourage you to pray seek relationship with God with all your heart and attend church. Even if you don't believe in god. Go to any church of god. They welcome you with open arms. They love you even tho they never met you. They will pray for you & for your families. Show you love no matter who you are. They preach & sing for God. They worship God & the church is filled with the holy spirit & peace. Even if you don't believe or believe in nothing what is wrong with that? God is filled with NO EVIL. He is the only way out of all the evil that breaths within this world. That's why I believe in The Holy Trinity & that's why I'm a Christian. I'm open to any questions whether you want something to be explained or you going to debate with me.

Andrea James
Mar 20, 2016
0 convinced
There are really a lot of reasons for why I don't, but I think the most reasonable answer is because the religion doesn't really do anything but ask you to love your three or one or however many gods. The trinity is not logical at all--and while I get that logic isn't a big part of spirituality, logic also is what separates us from animals--the ability to think. If we didn't do this, we wouldn't be any different from animals. So why don't we use our brains and think--think about how the Bible has been changed by men, how originally wine was prohibited and forbidden, but how many christians do you see allowing their lips the taste of alcohol? And not even that, there are just some Christians who don't even care--don't care that their doing wrong to their religion--and that is only because they know they are going to heaven, because somehow Jesus died for everyone's sins, well if that's the case, what's the point of this world? Why not just go up to heaven and join God, why are we on this limited planet? Maybe for once instead of following and not asking common sensual questions, you can use your brains and think for who you are and what you believe in, and you will find that Christianity is a perfect religion--where you can do anything you want, but there's a fine line between perfection and deceit.

Ehab EA
Apr 22, 2016
0 convinced
I'm a muslim, and in order for me to be one, I must first believe in Judaism and Christianity. And I wholeheartedly believe in them and their esteemed prophets peace be upon them. ^_^

Ehab EA
Apr 22, 2016
0 convinced
Rebuttal to: Marianna Kletsa Show

Before I proceed:
Respects to you for your politeness and respect toward others.

But I must object, there are 3 reasons that caused all the religious wars in the past, and if you had read about them carefully, you'll agree:

1- And most important reason, the Right to follow:
When the previous religion wants to keep their people under their control. examples:
Pharaohs war against Jews.
Jews war against Christians.

2- The pity disputes: It's when the arguments and disputes between two religious groups escalates to a state of war, which can be seen through the conflicts between Indian Hindu and Indian Muslims, other examples can be set, but these are the first to come to mind.

3- The Greed: And that speaks for itself, and that is the most dangerous.

In this kind of wars, they simply want lands and riches but the war is waged in the name of the religion -as a justification-.
Greatest example would be the Crusades. I am a muslim, however the reasons behind these Crusades were very clear to Historians.

All the 3 points I mentioned above have an Offender, and a Defender. Evil vs Righteousness, and choosing not to take sides doesn't make a person in the Right.

And also, to be fair, It's not right to relate the hideous extremists acts to the Faith. ^_^

David Sarmiento
Jul 07, 2016
0 convinced
Rebuttal to: Tim Houton Show

Hi Tim,

My upbringing was opposite to yours in terms of faith. I was brought up lacking the knowledge of God's word, and in my 30's I accepted Jesus as my savior.

I start by sharing an article about the big bang. Physicist now acknowledge that the big bang "theory" is flawed, please visit following link:

It is virtually impossible that the bible was made up. It is a compilation of 66 books, written by 40 authors, during 1600 years, in different parts of the world, in a time when communication was mainly by word of mouth. The bible passes with flying colors what historians call the test of time. It is the only book that contains the word of God, that is, “so said the Lord,” and, only book made up of 30% prophecy. No fiction here.
The bible confirms what our gut feeling tells us, that is, we were created to live eternally. Not in our physical form, but in spirit. Some will live eternally with God and others without God. The choice is ours.
Jesus is the way to the father, John 14:6: “Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” All other theologies are man’s way of reaching up to God. Christianity is God sending his son to die for our sins, essentially, God reaches down to us.
To be saved you have to accept Jesus in your heart and confesses it with your mouth, “Romans 10:9: If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” The minute you accept him, you belong to him, and he will guide your path. There is an unseen spiritual world; it is in this world that the real battle for our souls takes place. To accept Jesus, we must humble ourselves and acknowledge that no matter what we do, we will never be good enough to be in the presence of a perfect creator. And, that we need his help, his plan for salvation.
Our good deeds are like filthy rags says the word: ”Isaiah 64:6: All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.” No one is good enough to stand in the presence of a perfect God. Light and darkness cannot co-exist, neither we, without an advocate, in Gods presence. But, in Jesus, we are made righteous, if we belong to him; God sees his sons righteousness in us and forgives our sins. You see, worship is telling your heavenly father, I love you, because you loved me first. Even when we were in rebellion, he still loved us. Being a good person is not good enough for salvation, accepting God’s plan for salvation, Jesus Christ, is.
God does exist, and it is not God that creates the war, but humanities choice of being away from him. However, there is a day when enough will be enough and Jesus will return, and every knee will bow to him, “Romans 14:11: It is written: "As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'"

Hope you come to the acceptance of Jesus Christ in your life one day. Jesus has changed my life, He has given me peace and love, and I wish nothing more than the same for you.

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if no

Christian Cost
Mar 11, 2016
2 convinced
First, you don't have to believe in Jesus to respect the teachings. You can believe whatever you want but there are some very real virtues and teachings (both positive and negative) to be respected in the Bible.

Personally, I don't understand how the world could be created a few thousand years ago and a human could come back from the dead. So no, no Jesus for me.

Marianna Kletsa
Mar 20, 2016
2 convinced
I am personally an atheist. No, I do not believe in Satan and No, Im not rebelling. I just never understood religion and why people are so hyped about it. I believe that religion and God was a way to explain the unexplained in the past and it happened to catch on. I am very respectful to whoever is religious and I don't try to change their mind. Everyone should believe in whatever they please.
The fact that Wars have been caused over this , I find pretty ridiculous.

James Teggert
May 12, 2016
1 convinced
i believe religion is something that is taught not something innate. my parents did not entirely agree on faith and i was essentially let make my own conscious decisions once old enough to understand.
i do not believe in any deity because there is no evidence. the same reason i do not believe in thor or zeus is why i do not believe in any current faith.

Tim Houton
May 29, 2016
0 convinced
I will refer to not believing in God, but to me this is the same as not believing in Jesus/Christianity. I was brought up a Christian, but turned atheist in my late teens.

Firstly, a big part is the origins of the universe.
I believe in the Big Bang theory. I know there are still some discrepancies, but religious people often dismiss this by pointing out the fact that matter cannot just appear out of nowhere. While this is true, how do you explain how God came to exist? Or does the previous fact not apply because it's god. I believe it makes more sense than matter appearing from nowhere, than a magical being appearing from nowhere and then creating a world in 7 days.
Science proves more and more evidence for evolution and the Big Bang theory-both of which the bible 'proves' wrong.

Secondly, the fact that a book supposedly written thousands of years ago has such a huge impact on the world seems crazy to me!
There is no actual proof that any of it is true. It could simply have been written as fiction, but people got so caught up in it that they believed it to be true.

I know a lot of Christians ask what we think happens when you die. In all honesty, I have no clue and it blows my mind just thinking about it. Science suggest there is nothing, but it is literally unimaginable what it must be like to not exist for the rest of eternity! This is often followed by something along the lines of "what is there to lose in worshiping God in case heaven is real?" Obviously when I'm on my death bed I will be terrified of what is to come, but if it turns out heaven is real, I would hope I would still be let in. Yes, I have sinned. No, I do not worship God. But that does not make me a bad person. I live my life treating people how I want them to treat me. If the only way to get into heaven is by worshiping God, then he/it must be so self centred that he demands we bow downto him. Surely being a good person is far more important!

Something that really annoys me is the countless stories of near death experiences and meeting God, seeing a white light, etc.
These are so unreliable! There is no way for them to prove it, so they could say whatever they want. If they truly believe what they saw, who is to say they didn't imagine it-similar to a dream.
I know there are a lot of these that come from people who were not previously religious, but that doesn't mean they couldn't imagine the afterlife, as it is such popular culture anyone could picture it I. Their mind even if they don't believe in it.

Finally, if God exists, why does he/it allow such atrocities like war and persecution? Little side note, but religion in general causes so much grief in the world.
123 wars have been due to religion-although this only accounts for 7% of all wars, this accounts for 809 million deaths. Just because it is a small proportion, doesn't make the huge loss of life any less unnecessary.
Other things I have a problem with is religion's hate of homosexuals and forbidding abortions. Homosexuality is not a disease, but a choice. Abortion should also be acceptable-sometimes it is better for the unborn child to be aborted than to be born to a family/single mother who cannot afford or does not want the child. For the latter, it may seem selfish, but even with contraception, there is no guarantee a woman won't get pregnant.

Anurag Verma
Jun 07, 2016
0 convinced
No i don't believe in Jesus. I don't believe in GOD coz God doesn't exists.


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