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Islamic symbols in Ocarina of Time

Apr 14, 2012
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Are offensive to Islam

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Are not offensive to Islam

Fawk Hew
Sep 15, 2013
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The symbol for the Gerudo, though resembling an Islamic symbol, was not actually identical. Some of the differences between the two symbols include: The Islamic version has a 5-point star, while the Gerudo version has 4 points; the Islamic crescent faces to the right, and is not as "complete" or "closed" as the Gerudo one, which faces to the left; and many Islamic crescents have the star deeper in it, not at the edge like the Gerudo version does. So even if it was based on Islam, it doesn't mean to represent it. As well even if it did, the Gerudo were represented as nice women treating you well after making it through their fortress.
The other Islamic reference in the fire temple music was an ambient addition, and a very effective one. I can understand why they removed it as many people in religions are touchy about their beliefs, however it was by no means an offence to their religion as it was for ambient reasons and it chose no sides between good and evil. The fact that when Volvagia came back due to Ganondorf and chose to reside there does not make the place inherently evil.


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