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Boondock Saints vs. Pulp Fiction

Jun 28, 2007
9 votes
2 debaters

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Boondock Saints

Jun 29, 2007
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Pulp Fiction was pretty good, but I just happen to like Boondock Saints more.
No argument on technicalities, just a bigger degree of likeness for Boondock.

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Pulp Fiction

Oct 12, 2007
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I don't know about that. Pulp fiction was pretty genuine, however unrealistic it may be. In Boondocks, you have a couple classic characters that you see in most action movies. The handsome and serious main character, the slightly less handsome and silly sidekick, the goofy old man, and the evil organization led by an evil man.

Pulp fiction has multiple story lines all woven together. Individually, each story line would make for a mediocre story; but it's the fact that they all fit perfectly. The dialog is of much higher quality than Boondocks, too.


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