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Comprehensive Immigration Reform would be a disaster

Feb 01, 2007
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CIR would be a disaster

Feb 01, 2007
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"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is being pushed by the Democrats, president Bush, and some Republicans. The various plans all have supposedly increased enforcement combined with some form of "guest" worker program and a "path to citizenship" for all or most of the 10+ million illegal aliens currently here.

No matter the particulars, all these plans would end in disaster.

They will greatly increase legal immigration, especially chain migration where family members in the U.S. can bring in their relatives, who can bring in their relatives, and so forth.

The phrase "guest worker program" is a lie, since the guests would be here for several years and in that time they'd have U.S. citizen children, making it very difficult to deport "guests" who didn't want to leave. And, under previous proposals our "guests" could apply for legal permanent resident status at four years.

The "path to citizenship" would be seen around the world as a massive amnesty (no matter what proponents want to call it). It would encourage millions more people to come here illegally in expectation of taking part in the next amnesty.

Fraud would be rampant as new illegal aliens would buy documents "proving" that they'd been here for years. The USCIS - which would administer these programs - is already extremely backlogged, and won't have a fraud management system in place until 2011.

And, CIR would give even more political power to those who currently support illegal immigration, making it easier for them to continue that support for new illegal immigrants. It would also give even more political power inside the U.S. to the Mexican government.

Feb 03, 2007
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Rebuttal to:

Your plan might make some sense - but only from a purely financial standpoint - if we were unable to reduce the numbers of illegal aliens here now and if we could prevent massive immigration - legal and illegal - by millions more low-skilled, low-wage workers.

The problem is that illegal immigration isn't just a financial issue. It involves many other issues, such as giving the Mexican government even more political power inside the U.S. than they already have. Your massive legalization plan would make that issue and the others worse.

And, if we started enforcing the current laws, we could reduce the numbers of illegal aliens here now and reduce the likelihood that someone would try to come here illegally. That will reduce the financial burdens and have other positive impacts.

And, "reform" will increase the numbers of low-wage legal and illegal immigrants (including non-working family members brought here through "family reunification), making the financial burden even greater than it is now. And, of course, having the other non-financial negative impacts described in my original argument.

Jun 14, 2007
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The argument that CIR would help financially is mistaken.

Estimates by the Center for Immigration Studies show that families "legalize" under the proposed amnesty plan would increase their tax payments by 77%, BUT... they would also increase their drain on the federal budget by 115%. This would result in a NET cost of approximately $29 billion each year. This estimate was based upon 8.7 million people legalized.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that the US Government would actually enforce immigration law in the future, thus preventing us from repeating this scenario another 20 years from now. Thus, we may incur the additional costs, without fixing the actual problem.

Any plan needs to address Immigration Security first (i.e. border security, overstays), ensure employers are held accountable, get our government policies and procedures in place, BEFORE any discussion takes place on what should be done with those who are here illegally.

CIR will fail, it is bad law.

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CIR would work out OK

Feb 02, 2007
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I think I'll disagree with your argument here, even though I do think illegal immigration is a serious problem.

The fact is, studies have shown conclusively that the only way to make back part of the massive burdens that illegal immigrants place on America's welfare system is to incorporate them into the tax system (or just eliminate welfare systems in the first place, but that's a Libertarian pipe dream).

I'm not very satisfied with the prospect of "amnesty" for those who flouted the law of the world's most immigrant-tolerant country (yes, every year the United States allows more immigrants than all other countries combined), but I think it's one of the only real solutions to the financial problems our government is facing because of undocumented illegal aliens.


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