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Should death penalty be legal in every countries even if it is against the rights of life in every man?

Liverose Odarve
Jan 11, 2016
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Thomas Mortensen
Jan 16, 2016
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I can imagine a person being so irreparably mentally damaged that he/she is lost forever. The use of the death penalty should be extremely rare, and limited to only those who cannot return to a functional life, and are constantly a danger to others.

Obviously, the law can abuse this tool, and a government can allow frivolous use of it. However, if you assume there are ZERO cases where it is necessary, you've simply not seen the worst humanity has to offer.

Jason Wang
Feb 21, 2016
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I was initially very anti-death penalty, until I read up on famous criminals. A death penalty is needed, though only used in extreme cases, because there is a possibility that person committed many more violent crimes just like it and will keep doing so without it. Examples:

-Ted Bundy (incarcerated first in Utah for kidnapping then in Aspen, Colorado for murder. It was actually his 14th murder.) He escaped and committed additional murders (at least a dozen I think) before being caught again. They gave him the electric chair the second time.

-Winston Mosely (Kitty Genovese murder. This case is used to explain the "bystander effect")- He went to a young lady returning home from work at a local bar and stabbed/raped her with no prior aggravation. He just wanted to kill a woman (his words, apparently). During his time in jail, he participated in a prison riot (1970). He's still in jail today. As it turns out he also committed two other murders just like this one as well, this one is just a higher profile case.

-Gary Graham: apprehended for shooting a guy going shopping at safeway, it turned not not only that he raped a woman and robbed her in her house, he was linked to 22 other crimes too (including two shootings).

Steps should be taken to ensure an innocent person doesn't get the death penalty sentence, but banning it altogether isn't the solution. Changing investigation methods might help more (i.e. banning forced confessions and/or torture).

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Lilly Wells
Jan 19, 2016
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You've just shown the wrong in your argument. The death penalty should not be implemented. There is enough people that get put in jail when they aren't guilty what happens when we prove they are innocent.. But dead.

If one is so unstable this is where we can let them choose to let go of themselves. I have no argument against suicide. I believe no one should be able to debate on someones life, that should be on the person themselves.


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