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We should use Green Energy

Rodney Chan
May 18, 2016
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Technology improves alots and green energy is possible if we control our habits and living styles

Anthony Moore
May 26, 2016
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Green Energy is essential. Let's assume an extreme scenario. Climate change is fake, we can burn as much oil as we want. We would still need green energy, or at least sustainable energy. We would eventually run out of oil, coal, and other resources. Green energy is usually sustainable. Solar power, wind, biofuel, tidal, geothermal, and water power are all almost infinite, so they are crucial investments.

Now let's return from our extreme scenario. Climate change is real, and green energy is one of our primary ways to fight that. We need to stop using fossil fuels, and until someone else comes up with a better idea, green energy is the way to go.

Let me also state that we don't need a lot of money on R&D, we just need to better spend the money that we already have. The United States (and many other countries) spends billions to subsidise fossil fuels, and green energy research is a primary way to combat the waste of all that cash.

Tim Houton
May 30, 2016
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If we are to become completely reliant on green energy the it will require huge investment in r&d, but too much? I don't think any amount is too much. Not only will it preserve our environment, but also reduce or even eliminate pollution related diseases.

Not too long in the future we will be forced to rely on green energy, as our non-renewable resources are beginning to run out. Natural gas is predicted to run out in the next 35 years, with oil reserves running dry in the next 70 years.

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It needs too much resource in R&D

Brenner Fody
Jun 16, 2016
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As of right now "green energy" is simply not reliable or sustainable. The energy returns ratio for oil is about 1:100 while the energy return ratio for the best alternative energy - solar - has an energy return ration of about 1:5 to 1:8.

A prime example of green energy failure is Germany. 10% of Germany's energy comes from wind and solar. Because of the unreliability of these resources energy from coal picks up the slack. Switching between these three resources is extremely inefficient, and has led to energy poverty.

Another point to bring up is without the byproducts that burning coal produces, the plastics required to make things such and solar panels and wind turbines would not be possible.

I can tell you that CO2 is not a green house gas and if you want to debate this also I am all for it. But I am not taking into consideration global warming.

Now there are certain places where green energy is plausible. For example Iceland runs almost solely on geothermic energy, because they are right on top of active volcanoes

I also believe it is necessary to continue researching renewable energy, because in the future alternative sources will be more effective. This continued research will prevent an energy crises that is approaching. .


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