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ConvinceMe.net is the ultimate debating website. First off it's free to join. There are three main debating sections. Open, Battle, and King of the Hill (KOTH). Open debates can have endless debaters all competing for their side. In open debates, if your argument convinces someone, then you gain a point. It's your chance to convince the world that you are right! Fight for you side! Battles are one on one debates with another member of ConvinceMe.net. You can create a general challenge, or challenge an individual. Then you argue, add evidence, and convince other members to give you their vote. The winner takes all. King of the hill is a little like open debates, except that you get one main argument, and your goal is to convince members to give you the points. The first person to get 10 points wins, and is crowned king of the hill.

Other Options

1. Add news and blog links to any debate.
2. Create private debates for you and your friends
3. Make an open debate a blog. Members will vote that they agree or disagree
4. Get our RSS feeds
5. Monthly rankings
6. Convince voters for your side
7. Create multiple side for debates
8. Add friends, send messages, and build up an entourage of loyal voters
9. Add our Widgets to your blog!
10. Discuss stuff on our forum.


1. No profanities directed towards people.
2. No personal attacks.
3. No racial slurs.
4. No threats or implications thereof.
5. Any violation of these rules will result in the removal of your account.

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We will also be placing ads on our website, so if you are interested, use this email address to contact us concerning sponsorship.


Q: Do I need to join in order to vote?
A: Yes. But it is quick, painless, and free. It is the only way to keep voting fair.

Q: What is the difference between Open and Competitive Debates?
A: Competitive debates are one on one battles, where you either create or accept a challenge from another debater. Open debates are open for any registered debater to take part in. You earn points from competitive debates and you can earn "convinces" from open debates.

Q: What are "Convinces"?
A: For every debate, there is sometimes one argument that makes up a voters mind. If a voter feels they have been convinced by your argument, they click on "I'm Convinced", you are given one convince point, and your arugment is moved up the list. For all open debates, arguments are ordered by the number of people that have been convinced by that argument.

Q: How do I win a competitive debate, and how do I score points?
A: When creating a challenge or accepting a challenge, the person who creates the challenge first sets the number points the debate is worth. The number of points is equal to the number of votes you need to win. The first debater to convince the number people to vote for their arguments (equal to the point total of the debate) wins. Example, if a debate is worth 10 points, the first person to get 10 votes wins. The person who loses, loses 10 points.

Q: How do I get votes for my debate?
A: If you have a blog we suggest you put a link to your user profile on our website. It will contain a section of all of your ongoing debates, for your supporters to vote for. We also suggest that you send emails out to all of your friends.

Q: How does voting work?
A: Voters can only vote once for each debate. This is true for open and competitive debates alike. Debators cannot vote in competitive debates that they either started, or accepted.